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Year: 2009  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 405 - 415

Evaluation for the Production of Antialgal Substances from Streptomyces neyagawaensis

S.A. El-Sherbiny, Y.M. El-Ayoty, M.F. Ghaly and N.S. Fleafil


Optimization of S. neyagawaensis N60 (Egyptian isolate) for the production of natural antialgal substance was carried out. The Clear Inhibition Zone (CIZ) in the different algal species indicated the maximum biological activity of metabolite was attained at 6 g L-1 maltose 1.05 g L-1 NH4Cl and 1 g L-1 K2HPO4 under pH 6.5, temperature 28°C and incubation period 7 days. For microanalysis, xylene was the most efficient solvent for extraction of the lytic substance which has one spot under UV lamps at RF 0.65 using TLC. Identification of the antialgal substance produced by S. neyagawaensis was carried out on the basis of elementary analysis, IR, mass and NMR spectra. The earlier analysis emphasized that the molecular weight equal 369.45 kDa with chemical formula C19H21NO6 (Anthracidin A). Different concentrations of Anthracidin A were tested against Anacystis nidulans revealed that chlorophyll a, nucleic acids were reduced with increasing the concentration of Anthracidin to 40 μg mL-1.

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