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Applied Surface Science

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 255  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 3875 - 3879

Study on low-energy bombardment of Au (1 1 1) by noble metal atoms with molecular dynamics simulations

C. Yan, C. Zhang, Q.Y. Zhang, T.W. Liu and H. Huang


The low-energy bombardment of Au (1 1 1) surface by noble metal atoms is studied with molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. With the incident-energy dependence of adatom yields, sputtering yields, and vacancy yields for different projectiles, we find that the implantation of projectiles in shallow layers below surface can be distinguished by subplantation (in the first and second layers) and implantation (deeper than the third layer). The transition from subplantation to implantation occurs at the incident energy of about 45eV for the low-energy bombardment of noble metal atoms on Au (1 1 1). The incident-energy dependence of defect yields is obviously different for the subplantation and implantation of projectiles. Based on our MD simulations, we discuss the influence of low-energy bombardment on film growth and the guide to the search for optimum deposition parameters.

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