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Asia Pacific Business Review

Year: 2010  |  Volume: 16  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 285 - 298

Labour and management in the People’s Republic of China: seeking the ‘harmonious society’

Malcolm Warner and Ying Zhu


This study examines the challenges facing China’s increasingly complex labour-management relations system vis-a-vis the new economic, political and social environment it faces and how it is adapting to the new concept of the ‘harmonious society’ - to which the new Chinese leadership now aspires. The contribution concludes that the changes in the labour-management relations system reflect the impact of globalization on enterprise diversity as well as the increasing important position of trade unions to coordinate labour relations and protect worker’s rights and interests. There will be another ‘Long-March’ needed for both party/state and other civil groups in China to reach a new social equilibrium.

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