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Asian Journal of Scientific Research

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 4  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 84 - 89

Mass Multiplication of Ectomycorrhizal Cantharellus Inoculum for Large Scale Tailoring Nursery Inoculations of Bamboo Seedlings

R. Sharma, R.C. Rajak and A.K. Pandey


The edible ectomycorrhizal Basidiomycetes are difficult to inoculate in field for reforestation of trees and mushroom production due to insufficient mycelial colonization of substrate. Edible mushroom in the genera Cantharellus was tested for mycorrhization with Dendrocalamus using house waste tealeaves+sand based inoculum under laboratory and green house conditions using polythene bags and plastic boxes. Mycorrhizal seedlings were acclimatized in open pot soil. Dense Cantharellus mycelia colonized the substrate in 2-3 weeks. Inoculum survived for atleast six months and retained its viability. Occasionally few bacterial contaminants were observed, which were discarded. The cost effective method developed in present investigation can be used for tailoring large-scale seedling/nursery plantlets and sustainable reforestation of various tree species.

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