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Asian Journal of Scientific Research

Year: 2008  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 421 - 428

Effects of Body Condition Score on Ovarian Activity of Bos indicus (ZEBU) Cows

V.A. Maina, A. Muktar and Y.G. Sabo


The ovaries of 127 Bos indicus cows were used to evaluate the influence of Body Condition Score (BCS) on ovarian activity. Each cow was given a body condition score using a scale of 1 to 5 before slaughter. The presence or absence of pregnancy was noted after slaughter and the ovaries were collected. Follicles were measured and identified as small (1 to 4 mm), medium (5 to 8 mm) or large (≥9 mm). Corpus luteum was classified as functional CL or Corpus albicans based on gross morphology. Luteal structures and follicles were compared with different phases of the oestrus cycle. Based on this, the cows were classified as cycling, pregnant, anestrus, prepubertal heifers or having abnormal ovarian cyclicity. Cows with BCS 3 exhibited more medium follicles (p<0.001) than cows with BCS 1 and BCS 2. Cows with BCS 3 had more large follicles (p<0.01) than cows with BCS 1. The incidences of cycling and pregnant animals correlated positively with BCS. Incidences of anestrus and abnormal ovarian cyclicity correlated negatively with BCS. It was concluded that change in BCS had significant effect on ovarian function of Zebus cows.

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