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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 400 - 402

Stability of Wheat Genotypes for Grain Yield under Diverse Rainfed Ecologies of Pakistan

M. Asif, S.Z. Mustafa, M. Asim, N.S.Kisana, M. Y. Mujahid, I. Ahmad and Z. Ahmed


Thirteen genotypes developed for rainfed areas of Pakistan viz., NR-155, 97C027, SN-6, PR-72, BWL-9736, NR-149, 96R37, DN-14, V-97005, 95C004, NR-178, CHAKWAL-97, SN-16, were evaluated for stability of grain yield under twelve diverse environments. The interaction between the genotypes and environments (G X E interaction) was used as an index to determine the yield stability of genotypes under all the environments. Both predictable (linear) and unpredictable (non-linear) portions of variation were found to be significant indicating equal importance in determining the stability of grain yield. The genotypes "96R37" and SN-16" were the most adapted showing considerable good performance in the entire set of environments under study.

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