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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 4 - 8

Irrigation and N-use Efficiency of Cotton Cultivar MNH554 Under Multan Conditions

Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Taj Muhammad, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal, Abdul Karim and Muhammad Yousaf Akhtar


To explore N- use efficiency of MNH554 a tetraploid cotton (Gossvpium hirsutum L.) in relation to various irrigation regimes, a three year project was launched in 1998 under agro-ecological conditions prevailing at Multan. The experiment was seeded in the open field during the normal growing season, with pure and true to type seed of variety MNH554. Four nitrogen doses and three irrigations regimes were applied to the crop. In addition, the crop had also received 56 kg P ha-1 and 55 kg K ha-1 as a basal dose. Growth and development characteristics comprising of height of the plant, number of mature bolls per plant, boll weight, yield of seed cotton and ginning outturn were studied. Plant height, bolls per plant, boll weight and yield of seed cotton registered a positive and significant response to increasing doses of nitrogen and irrigation. On an average of three years, the maximum yield of 4105 kg ha-1 of seed cotton was obtained by 168 kg N ha-1 with seven irrigations, well distributed throughout the growth and development period. Nitrogen and irrigation application did not improve the ginning outturn, rather it ensued a slight drop.

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