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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 450 - 453

Evaluation of Candidate Lines Against Stripe and Leaf Rusts Under National Uniform Wheat and Barley Yield Trial 2000-2001

M. A. Akhtar, I. Ahmad, J. I. Mirza, A. R. Rattu, E-Ul-Haque, A. A. Hakro and A. H. Jaffery


The national uniform wheat and barley yield trial (NUWYT) 2000-2001 comprised of 33 promising candidate lines (29bread wheat, 1 durum wheat and 3 barley). The trial was grouped into three categories viz, rain fed (12 entries), seeding date (18 entries) and barley (3 entries). These promising lines were evaluated at multilocations in different agro-ecological zones against prevalent pathotypes of leaf and stripe rusts. Out of 33 lines, 10 lines were common to NUWYT 1999-2000, of these lines seven lines (NR-149, 95C004, 91BTO10-5, V-97112, SD1200/14, B96038 and B92044) had desirable/acceptable RRI for leaf rust. As these lines have fulfilled two years testing requirement for leaf rust resistant. So these lines can be recommended in those areas where leaf rust problem. Extremely dry weather prevailed throughout the year, so stripe rust could not develop inspite of artificial inoculations.

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