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Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016  |  Volume: 15  |  Issue: 22  |  Page No.: 4626 - 4634

Region Based AODV Geographic Routing Protocol for Quasi MANET

I. Kala, N. Karthikeyan and S. Karthik


In a disaster recovery scenario, there may be some static wireless nodes at special service providing locations such as a medical camps or helipads and the other mobile nodes such as mobile equipment carried by a rescue personal or any transport vehicle. This forms a Quasi MANET in which the mobile nodes periodically communicate to the static nodes with some critical priority. In Quasi MANET under consideration, there are some percentage of node which are not at all mobile throughout whole time of operation. This research work main scope is to design and implement a location based AODV routing model for Quasi MANET scenario and evaluate its performance with normal AODV routing protocol and other MANET routing protocols. Hence implemented a Region based Route Request Processing in AODV (RRRP_AODV) and compared its performance with normal AODV. The arrived result verifies the noteworthy progress in performance of RRRP_AODV.