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Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016  |  Volume: 15  |  Issue: 14  |  Page No.: 2411 - 2419

An Efficient Selfish Node Detection and Data Replication Technique for Distributed Database in MANET

M. Kavitha and S. Karthik


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a network which allows mobile servers and clients to communicate in a dynamic Infrastructure. MANET is a fast and increasing region of study as it discovers and utilizes diversified applications, in which the information should be well structured for accessibility and data should be put together in the database. In such databases, the mobile peer stores and access the data functionality such as storage, manage and reports in the database. In this study, the challenges of data replicas in the mobile database are focused. Data replication mainly focuses on availability and reliability of data in the mobile nodes. Data replication concentrates on certain scenarios like frequency disconnection, node mobility, server network partition and power. In proposed method, a cluster based data replication technique for replicating data and to overcome the problems related to data management problems in MANET environment. The proposed approach has three phases; selfish node detection, formation of cluster and cluster head selection and finally, data distribution to the respective cluster head. By NS2 simulation, the performance of the proposed approach is observed to be efficient with improved data consistency with minimal overhead and delay.