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Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016  |  Volume: 15  |  Issue: 11  |  Page No.: 1851 - 1855

Fairness Aware Probabilistic Algorithm with Rate Control and Congestion Avoidance in WSN

C. Ram Kumar, S. Karthik and N. Karthikeyan


Designing a sensor network as per the customer needs is the challenging task. While designing, we have to maintain some parameters like network life time, throughput, packet drop, congestion control, fairness and node energy. Congestion leads to the main issues in the network at both sender side and also in the receiver side. Congestion occurs due to more sensors, packet drop, receiving more packets than transmitting and buffer queue size. Here, we propose a fairness aware scheme with MRCCAP that shares the resource allocation, channel bandwidth. FACC protocol controls the congestion at base station which provides the support for QoS. Intermediate nodes are placed nearer to source and sink nodes to determine the flow rate, arrival time and queue size. Congestion avoidance algorithm deals with the ratio of the number of upstream nodes to the number of downstream nodes. In connection with gained weight buffer management with a probabilistic algorithm, it will provide efficient fairness and better network performance. The simulation results show that the proposed model provides better throughput, packet loss and network lifetime compared to the previous technique.