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Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2004  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 492 - 497

An Object-oriented Approach to Support Faster Retrieve and Manipulation of Spatial Data

M.S. Hossain, M. Alamgir and M.S. Hossain


Spatial data are inherently complex because they deal with location as well as spatial variation, distribution, and interaction of the spatial features in the environment. Further, they are characterized by their multidimensional nature, involving large storage of data and therefore high processing cost. Spatial database are developed using relational data model, resulting unacceptable performance during retrieving and manipulation of data. On the other hand, object-oriented data model can be seen as an appropriate alternative at this point. The paper will present a comparison between the two approaches, in the light of their database architectures, in handling spatial data. This is followed by the object-oriented presentation of the implementation framework for one of the complex spatial data models (polygon). The complexity analysis between relational and object-oriented approaches taking the mentioned data model (polygon) into account will also be presented. This will demonstrate that object-oriented approach provides a better way in retrieving spatial data.