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American Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 10  |  Page No.: 864 - 869

Nutraceutical Properties of Milk and Milk Products: A Review

V.P. Singh and N. Sachan


Milk is recognised as complete food for human beings because it contains most of the essential nutrients. Besides, traditional components now it is proved that milk is also a good source of biopeptides and other bioactive components which are necessary for body maintenance and to fight against several disease conditions. Minerals present in milk are good source of bone health and body cells functioning. Various vitamins such as vitamin-A, D, B12 and others are a vital source for the body coat and physiological functions of the human body. The conjugated linoleic acid naturally present in milk is a good fat for human health. Various components of milk are also necessary for thyroid function, protection against metabolic disorders, gout and other similar malfunctioning. Besides, several other components the prebiotics, probiotics, symbiotic, biopeptides and bioactive components along with unique source of protein (casein), carbohydrate (lactose) etc. may serves as live saving drugs in emergency cases of the human body.

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