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Asian Journal of Earth Sciences

Year: 2015  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 24 - 31

3D Predrill Pore Pressure Prediction Using Basin Modeling Approach in a Field of Malay Basin

Iftikhar Ahmed Satti, Deva Ghosh and Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff


Predrill overpressure prediction is an integral part of exploration and drilling in the frontiers areas. Various pore pressure prediction methods such as Eaton and Bowers methods are commonly used for post drill pore pressure prediction using sonic logs and predrill pressure prediction using seismic velocity. The 3D basin modeling is an emerging technique for predrill pore pressure prediction in the frontier areas and it provides an alternative approach. In this study, 3D basin modeling approach is used to evaluate the pressure distribution in the study area. The predicted pore pressure using the default values of porosity, effective stress and permeability, did not match with the measured pressure data in the well. However, after calibration of the porosity-effective stress, porosity- permeability relationship and changing the sealing/non-sealing properties of the faults, the predicted pressure showed a good match with the measured pressure data at blind well locations.

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