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Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2013  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 747 - 753

Effect of Mineral-vitamin Premix Reduction on Performance and Certain Hemato-biochemical Values in Broiler Chickens

Alaeldein M. Abudabos, Gamaleldein M. Suliman, Elsayeid O. Hussien, Mu`ath Q. Al-Ghadi and Abdullah Al-Oweymer


The current study was performed to evaluate the effect of reducing mineral-vitamin (M-V) premix by 50% or substituting it completely with a commercial product (HepatoCare) on broiler performance as well as blood hemato-biochemical parameters. One hundred and twenty, 14-day old unsexed, broiler chickens of Ross 308 strain were used in a randomized complete block design with 3 treatments, 8 replicates per treatment. Chickens were fed on a common starter diet for the first two weeks of age. Three typical corn-soybeans based finisher diets were formulated based on M-V premix level and source and were fed to broilers from 14-35 days. Broilers were assigned to 3 treatments: T1 is commercial M-V premix at the rate of 0.5%; T2 is M-V premix as in T1 but at lower rate of 0.25%; or T3 is HepatoCare Premix (0.1%). Feed intake (FI) and Body Weight Gain (BWG) were measured weekly and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) was computed. Results revealed that reduction of the commercial M-V premix from 0.5-0.25% or replacing it with HepatoCare from the finisher diets had no effect on cumulative BWG, FI and FCR (p>0.05). On the other hand, treatment did not affect blood hematology or mineral concentrations in serum (p>0.05). The premix at the rate of 0.5% (T3) provided more quantities of some minerals and vitamins as compared to the strains recommendation. It can be concluded that it`s possible to reduce the dietary M-V premix up to 50% during the finisher period from 14-35 days without jeopardizing the performance which will decrease the cost of feed and as a result reduce the cost of production.

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