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Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 8  |  Page No.: 664 - 673

Utilization of Cellulolytic Enzymes to Improve the Nutritive Value of Banana Wastes and Performance of Lactating Goats

H.H. Azzaz, A.M. Kholif, H.A. Murad, M.A. Hanfy and M.H. Abdel Gawad


An in vitro study was conducted to evaluate the effect of cellulases addition to banana wastes on dry matter (IVDMD) and organic matter (IVOMD) disappearances. Laboratory produced cellulase (Asperozym) and a commercial cellulolytic enzyme source (Bacillozym®) were added separately to banana wastes at 4 levels (0, 0.77, 1.54, 2.31 and 3.08 Unit/kg DM). Increasing the Asperozym levels up to 3.08 U kg-1 DM exhibited the highest (p<0.05) IVDMD and IVOMD, while Bacillozym® recorded the highest (p<0.05) IVDMD and IVOMD values at 1.54 U kg-1 DM compared with the untreated banana wastes (Control). Nine lactating Zaraibi goats (about 3 years old and weight on average 31±0.2 kg) after parturition were divided into three groups of three animals each, using 3x3 Latin square designs to evaluate the effect of Asperozym and Bacillozym® addition to diets on the productivity of lactating goats. Animals were fed on 50% Concentrate Feed Mixture (CFM), 25% banana wastes and 25% berseem (clover) straw (control diet). Control diet+ Asperozym at level of 3.08 U kg-1 DM (T1); control diet+Bacillozym® at level of 1.54 U kg-1 DM. (T2). Apparent digestibility for all nutrients were improved (p<0.05) by cellulases treatments. Milk and 4% Fat Corrected Milk (FCM) yields were higher (p<0.05) for T1 group followed by T2 group than control group while milk composition was not affected (p<0.05). Blood plasma Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and glucose concentration were not affected by treatments. The addition of Asperozym and Bacillozym® to diets improved the performances of lactating Zaraibi goats with no deleterious effects on general health.

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