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Asian Journal of Animal Sciences

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 5  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 91 - 101

Equine: The Ignored Working Animal of Kashmir: Status, Constraints, Research Areas and Ways for Improvement

M.R. Fazili and M.A. Kirmani


In Kashmir, equine species plays a very important role in the socio-economic life of the human population. They are the beasts of burden and have also been playing important role in tourism promotion. The majority of the equine population comprises of ponies that are owned only by socially and economically deprived landless, marginal and small farmers. Unfortunately, till date the contribution of this species has neither been calculated nor recognized, their welfare often neglected. No attention has been paid to research and development of this domestic animal. In this study, the current status of equines in Kashmir, the constraints affecting their development and survival, priority research areas and establishment of species specific infrastructure is highlighted.

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