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Asian Journal of Animal Sciences

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 5  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 34 - 45

Genes Related to Economically Important Traits in Beef Cattle

Claire d`Andre Hirwa, Paul Wallace, Xu Shen, Qinghua Nie, Guanfu Yang and Xiquan Zhang


The candidate genes with important functions in animal metabolism can help to identify potential molecular markers for cattle production traits. The study of the genes related to economically traits is one important aspect of the breeding. This study reviews the genes related to economically important traits in beef cattle such as Peroxisome proliferatior-activated receptor-γ (PPAR-γ), Sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1(SREBP-1), leptin, stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD1), CCAAT-enhancer-binding proteins (or C/EBBS), calpastatin, thyroid hormone-responsive protein (THRSP), corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH), fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4), DGAT1, FASN,… genes. In conclusion, this study will help in genetic improvement program in cattle.

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