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Asian Journal of Agricultural Research

Year: 2016  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 28 - 37

Marketing Channels of Indian Carp Fry Collected from Halda River and Livelihood of the Fry Traders

Mohiful Kabir Saimon, M. Golam Mustafa, Bhakta Supratim Sarker, M. Belal Hossain and Md. Mofizur Rahman


Halda River is the only tidal river in the world, has been reported to serve as a natural source of fertilized carp eggs. This study entails various marketing channels of carp fry of Halda River at different rearing stages and socio-economic conditions of the fry traders. Snowball sampling of data collection was followed through Focus Group Discussion (FGD), semi-structured questionnaire interview and cross-check interview with key informants. The results reveal that local egg collectors of Halda River collect carp eggs from May-July and hatch them by their indigenous hatching techniques. After 4-5 days of hatching, egg collectors start to sell the fry to fish farmers from different nooks of Bangladesh at the rate of BDT 40,000-60,000 kg–1. Halda fry has a complex market chain than other hatchery fry. The fry distributed in four different ways i.e., firstly from fry sellers to local fish consumers via local fish farmers and pond owners; secondly from fry sellers to nationwide fish farmers via hatchery owners and technicians; thirdly from fry sellers to renowned public fish hatchery in order to produce mother fish and finally from fry sellers to government Halda brood restoration project in order to enrich Halda River with more brood fish. This study also evaluated the socio-economic conditions of the traders. Most of traders (84%) were satisfied by involving themselves with Halda fry collection and marketing whereas rest of them (16%) was not satisfied due to their uncertain livelihood conditions in the off season.

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