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Asian Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 635 - 643

Diversity of Fish Fauna in the Chitra River of Southwestern Bangladesh: Present Status, Threats and Recommendations for Conservation

Mir Mohammad Ali, M. Belal Hossain, Md. Aowsafur Rahman and Ahasan Habib


Chitra river is an important water body in Southwestern Bangladesh in terms of fish production. Fisheries resources in this river are on the decline due to over exploitation, manmade pollution and inadequate management of inland waters. The present study was conducted to explore the diversity and to check the conservation status of fish fauna in the Chitra river. Fish samples were collected fortnightly from seven sampling stations of the Chitra River at Jessore district in Southwestern Bangladesh during August 2011 to July 2012. A total of 53 species of fish under 10 orders and 23 families were recorded. Cypriniformes were most leading order constituting 33.96% of the total fish population followed by Siluriformes (22.64%), Perciformes (24.53%), Clupeiformes (1.89%), Synbranchiformes (5.66%), Osteoglossiformes (1.89%), Beloniformes (1.89%), Mugiliformes (3.77%), Anguiliformes (1.89%) and Tetraodontiformes (1.89%). Fishes in this river is seriously affected by the various kinds of human development interventions and activities, especially in the areas of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, urbanization, industries, chemicals, minerals, transport and tourism. Estimates from these indices were indication of low fish species composition and richness and unevenness in the population of fish in river Chitra. For sustainability of fishery resources, an adequate knowledge of species composition, diversity and relative abundance of water bodies must be understood and vigorously pursued. Therefore, there is a need for the conservation and sustainable management of the fisheries resources of Chitra water body by relevant agencies.

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