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Agricultural Journal

Year: 2010  |  Volume: 5  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 313 - 317

Effect of Using Stalk Shredder, Conservation Tillage and Seeding Techniques on Wheat Yield Following Corn Harvesting

F. Abbasi, M.A. Asoodar and M. Saadatfard


This study investigated the effect of using stalk shredder, conservation tillage machines and seeding techniques on soil physical characteristics, seedling emergence, crop establishment and grain yield after corn harvesting in Dezfoul, Khouzestan province. Also soil moisture content, bulk density, cone index, soil mean weight diameter and sowing depth uniformity were recorded. A factorial split complete block design was applied with 3 replications. Treatments were including one pass, twice and no stalk shredder (disk) and tillage treatments including combination tillage and disk in main plots followed by flat and raised bed planting in subplots. Twice stalk shredder leaving 5740.3 kg ha-1 corn residue, increased soil moisture content after planting, it was also shown lower clod weight diameter (1.526 cm). The best sowing depth uniformity (44.84%) was the most effect of the stalk shredder treatments. Seedling emergence (89.2%) and yield (2.02%) were increased where combination tillage was applied. Raised bed planting was shown higher seedling and rate of emergence with 72.61 and 3.82% than flat planting, respectively. Therefore, combination tillage followed by twice stalk shredder and raised bed planting were the most beneficial treatments for wheat production under conservation tillage.