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Agricultural Journal

Year: 2007  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 248 - 253

Dairy Performances of the Goat Genetic Groups in the Southern Tunisian

Amor Gaddour, Sghaier Najari and Mabrouk Ouni


A data issued from 16 years performances schedule of local goat, Alpine, Damascus, Murciana and crossed groups was used to study the genotypes productive behaviour under Tunisian oases conditions. The aim is to evaluate the possibilities of local goat productivity improvement by cross breeding in intensive mode and also, to choose the better improving breed and the cross level. About 1923 individual goat milking data was used to evaluate the dairy potentialities of local goat, imported breeds and crossed genotypes. A statistical analysis was applied on estimated dairy performances such as, daily milk average, total production by lactation and milking period. The cross breeding with imported breeds improves the dairy performances since the first generation. The crossing between these goats races appreciably improves the dairy performance of the local goat and this, as of the first generation. The dairy production with this generation is, about 248 kg for the Alpine one, of 181 kg for Damascus and 190 kg for Murciana, is only 137 kg by lactation for the local breed.