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Research Article

Ficus carica Linn.-An Overview

Research Journal of Medicinal Plants: Volume 5 (3): 246-253, 2011

Vikas V. Patil and Vijay R. Patil


Ficus carica Linn. (Moraceae) is a deciduous tree, which grows in tropical and subtropical regions of India and is commonly known as fig tree. In traditional medicine the roots are used in treatment of leucoderma and ringworms and its fruits which are sweet, have antipyretic, purgative, aphrodisiac properties and have shown to be useful in inflammations and paralysis. Ficus carica is claimed to be useful in liver and spleen disorders, to cure piles and in treatment of gout. Locally the leaves are being used in the treatment of jaundice. Charka gave the paste of figs in prescriptions, also as cooked vegetable, emaciation and debility, as a diuretic in urinary stones. Sushrusha included the fruit in a medicated clarified butter for internal use in fever, consumption, asthma, epilepsy and insanity. The present review is therefore, an effort to give a detailed survey of the literature in on its pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, traditional and pharmacological uses.

How to cite this article:

Vikas V. Patil and Vijay R. Patil, 2011. Ficus carica Linn.-An Overview. Research Journal of Medicinal Plants, 5: 246-253.

DOI: 10.3923/rjmp.2011.246.253

URL: https://scialert.net/abstract/?doi=rjmp.2011.246.253


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