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International Journal of Soil Science
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 19-24
DOI: 10.3923/ijss.2011.19.24
Integrated Plant Nutrition Management: A Panacea for Sustainable Crop Production in Nigeria
L.S. Ayeni

This study reviews the need for Integrated Plant Nutrition Management (IPNM) around the efficient use of combining locally available and environmentally feasible agro-wastes with low level of mineral fertilizers for soil fertility maintenance and crop production in Nigeria. Integrated application of combined agro-wastes and mineral fertilizers complement each other in term of nutrients release. Research findings indicate that little has been done to transfer the technology to the peasant farmers who produce the bulk of the food in the country. Efforts should be made towards IPMN in order to increase food production that can feed the teaming population. Adequate soil map should be generated to reduce fertilizer abuse.
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24 June, 2021
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