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Asian Journal of Applied Sciences
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 166-175
DOI: 10.3923/ajaps.2011.166.175
Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents in Nigeria: A Case Study of Obinze/Nekede/Iheagwa Road in Imo State, Southeastern, Nigeria
J. Ohakwe, I.S. Iwueze and D.C. Chikezie

The increasing level of road traffic accident in Imo State and the consequent injuries and deaths strengthened the case for its regular analysis. Data on recorded cases of road traffic accidents were collected from the Motor Traffic Division (MTDRTR), the Nigerian Police Force, Divisional Headquarters Umuguma, Owerri West, Imo State Police Command. Using the method of time series decomposition, traffic road accidents were characterized to have an upward trend and significant seasonal influences. Using chi-square test of significance, it was discovered that there were significant differences among the various causes of accidents and accident cases (Minor, fatal and serious) with respect to types of vehicles involved over the years. Out of 5921 accident cases, reckless driving, inexperience and mechanical fault and road defects accounted for 30.3, 21.5 and 21.1%, respectively. Two motorcycles, motorcycle-vehicle and vehicle-vehicle crashes are the lead types and have resulted in 38.9, 37.5 and 14.9% of the total of 855 deaths recorded within the period of study. Furthermore, it was also found that private cars, minibuses and taxis accounted for most of the accidents with 94.7% of the total accidents.
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09 March, 2014
this is a very good analysis and it servs as a very good matrial for related research work.

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