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Trends in Applied Sciences Research
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 1-15
DOI: 10.3923/tasr.2010.1.15
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Strategies of Differential Evolution for Optimum Cropping Pattern

F.A.O. Otieno and J.A. Adeyemo

Differential Evolution (DE) as a novel optimization technique is applied to determine the optimum cropping pattern in the Lower Orange catchments of South Africa. Three different cropping patterns are studied to determine the best cropping pattern for the study area in terms of maximum total income generated from farming, irrigation water use and total man-days required on the farm. The farmlands of 60, 70, 75 and 135 ha are distributed to the farmers in the study area by the management. The objective of the study is to explore the 10 different strategies of DE to determine the optimum cropping pattern in each of the farmlands studied. Each farmland is studied to determine the best DE strategy for this model. From the analysis of the results, DE strategies with binomial crossover method outperform DE strategies with exponential crossover method. It is suggested that DE/best/1/bin is the best strategy for this model taking the minimum number of iterations before convergence and the maximum total net benefit generated as criteria. It can be concluded that DE can be used for determining optimum cropping pattern in a water scarce environment with necessary modifications to this model.
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F.A.O. Otieno and J.A. Adeyemo, 2010. Strategies of Differential Evolution for Optimum Cropping Pattern. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, 5: 1-15.

DOI: 10.3923/tasr.2010.1.15






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