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Research Journal of Veterinary Sciences
  Year: 2013 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 20-26
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Effects of Dietary Furazolidone on Blood, Meat Chemistry and Some Carcass Traits of Broiler Chicks under Sudan Conditions

K.M. Elamin, H.D. Ahmed and K.A. Abdel Ati

In large poultry farms, especially broiler type, it is a common practice to add antibiotics in the ration as to promote the growth and decrease the mortality rate. This phenomenon is usually observed in developing countries where hygienic measures are poor. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of furazolidone on broiler’s blood profile meat chemical characteristics and some carcass traits. Furazolidone was added to isonitrogenous and isocaloric four formulated rations at four levels, 0,100, 200, 300 mg kg-1 feed. A total of 144 one-day old non sexed chicks of Lohmann breed were used. Experimental chicks were distributed randomly into 4 treatments, each with three replicates (36 birds/treatment and 12 birds/ pen as replicate). Blood traits (phosphorus, calcium, cholesterol and lipids levels), some carcass traits (hot dressing percent, liver weight as percentage, total internal organs and Tibial ash) and meat chemical traits (crude protein, moisture, ether extract and ash) were studied. Furazolidone addition significantly (p≤0.05) affected blood phosphorus level (2.80-in furazolidone free diet-versus = 4.00-in furazolidone treated diets). Results showed that furazolidone affected hot dressing percent and the addition of 300 furazolidone resulted in the highest percent (73.4±0.003). It clear from obtained results that meat content of crude proteins, moisture, ether extract and ash were significantly affected by the level of Furazolidone added.
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K.M. Elamin, H.D. Ahmed and K.A. Abdel Ati, 2013. Effects of Dietary Furazolidone on Blood, Meat Chemistry and Some Carcass Traits of Broiler Chicks under Sudan Conditions. Research Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 6: 20-26.




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