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Research Journal of Seed Science
  Year: 2009 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 23-31
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Hydro-Priming in Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Abush Tesfaye Abebe and A.T. Modi

Hydro-priming is a very important seed treatment technique for rapid germination and uniform stand establishment in various grain crops. The objectives of the study were to evaluate the effect of hydro-priming and hydration media on the germination of dry bean cultivars. Seed performance was evaluated based on germination test, seed moisture content, electrical conductivity and water uptake. The study constituted two set of experiments. The result of the first experiment revealed that seed priming, cultivars, and their interaction were significant (at p = 0.01) for percent germination at the 2nd, 4th and 8th day and normal seedlings percentage at the 8th day. Seeds failed to produce normal seedlings for both 4 and 8 h seed priming treatments, while the control (no priming treatment) produced large percentage of normal seedlings. The second experiment was designed to examine the cause for the failure of germination in the primed seed in the first experiment. There was significant difference between cultivars for germination percent at the 2nd day, while only the media of hydration was significant at the 8th day count. None of the factors were significant at the 4th day. There was significant difference among hydration media and cultivars for normal seedlings at the 8th day, while the interaction was non-significant. Completely immersing the seed in water-filled flask did not cause the failure of germination in the first experiment; rather hydration followed by dehydration treatment was the possible cause. The better performance of the control in both experiments indicated that hydro-priming seems unnecessary in dry bean.
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  •    Seed Physiological Quality of Three Capsicum Species as Affected by Seed Density and Hydropriming Treatment Durations
  •    Seed Priming Mediated Germination Improvement and Tolerance to Subsequent Exposure to Cold and Salt Stress in Capsicum
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Abush Tesfaye Abebe and A.T. Modi, 2009. Hydro-Priming in Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Research Journal of Seed Science, 2: 23-31.


08 March, 2010
romeo p. gicos:
i am very interested about hydro priming specifically in soybean seed. and your article has a big relevant to us especially me as a student. but there are topics that i need to clarify, how about if the soybean reaches only in physiological maturity, would it be still effective in using hydro priming?
12 March, 2010
Abush Tesfaye:

Thank you very much for your interest on my paper! 1. My result is on dry bean, not on soybean, 2. The dry bean evaluated in the expeiment were physiologically matured 3. As, similar seed coat characteristics and seed biology I expect similar response to hydropriming on soybean too, evenif the seed is physiologically matured

16 January, 2012
rishu sharma:

i am working on flower seed priming.can you please help me regarding effect of hydro priming on flower seeds.

01 September, 2010
sohan lal srivastava:
i need all information about priming effect on pulse seeds.
25 September, 2010
Abush Tesfaye:

It is generally difficult to conclude about all pulse seeds. But, generally most pulses have similar seed and seed coat charactertics, which expose them for leakage of substances during hydro-priming and loss of dessication tolerance during priming treatment (hydration followed by dehydration). Some pulses seed, such as soybean can easily split its cotyledon if hydrated for more than 10 minutes and consquently my fail to germinate. Hence, care must be taken when using priming treatments on pulses.

30 September, 2010
Sohan L. Srivastava:
Respected sir / mam,
i need all information about priming effect USING NITRATES AND / OR NITRITES, on Pegion pea pulse seeds regarding Physio-biochemical / Molecular / morphological changes.
30 September, 2010
Sohan L. Srivastava:
Respected sir / mam,
i need all information about priming effect on Pegion pea pulse seeds regarding Physio-biochemical / Molecular / morphological changes.
06 October, 2010
Abush Tesfaye:
Dear Srivastava,
The informations you requested are not available with me. But, I feel that the area that you are trying to study is very interesting. Becasue, my study almost concluded that hydropriming is not a good option for dry bean. So trying other option may result in a better success. Please, try other sources to get the information



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