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Research Journal of Forestry
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 128-138
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Termiticidal Effect of Neem Extracts on the Wood of Khaya senegalensis

Olufemi A. Sotannde, Gabriel O. Yager, Bamidele D. Zira and Abubakar Usman

This study was aimed at developing cheap and eco-friendly wood preservatives from various parts of neem tree for the control of termite (Isoptera: Termitidae). Extracts were prepared from the seed (neem seed oil), leaf and bark of Azadirachta indica (neem) and compared with Chlorpyriphos. A total of 60 wood samples were used for this study. After Grave-yard experiment untreated wood samples of Khaya senegalensis were found to be highly susceptible to termite attack. The type of the extract used, their mixtures and combination with chlorpyriphos significantly influenced the degree of resistance of the wood to termite attack (p<0.05). Wood treated with neem oil and bark extract were susceptible to termite attack but their level of resistance to attack was 40.32% better than untreated wood. Leaf extract was classified as effective when compared to some other plant extracts. Combinations of the neem extracts with 2% chlorpyriphos offered the most discernible level of protection. Thus the harmful effect of chlorpyriphos could be drastically reduced when combined with plant extract. This will not only be a cheaper method but will provide an eco-friendly protection against termite attack.
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Olufemi A. Sotannde, Gabriel O. Yager, Bamidele D. Zira and Abubakar Usman, 2011. Termiticidal Effect of Neem Extracts on the Wood of Khaya senegalensis. Research Journal of Forestry, 5: 128-138.


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