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Journal of Biological Sciences
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 10 | Issue: 7 | Page No.: 667-675
DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2010.667.675
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Soluble Glutathione S-Transferases in Bovine Liver: Existence of GST T2

B.S. Isgor, N. Coruh and M. Iscan

The present study is tailored to investigate the active presence of GST T2 in bovine liver to facilitate the studies correlating the detoxification system of livestock animals and human as consumer. Here, the bovine liver samples were purified and analyzed by virtue of biochemical and immunochemical methods, including sequential application of anion exchange DEAE cellulose, SHGA affinity and Orange A columns. The purification procedures were guided by GST T2 activity levels of the samples, whereas, total GST and GST T1 levels were also detected. After the purification, the total soluble GST, GST T1 and GST T2 activities were determined against CDNB, 4-NBC and 1-MS as 4791, 98 and 55 units mg-1, respectively. The isozymes GST A, M and P were detected in the bound fractions of SHGA affinity column, whereas, GST T1 and GST T2 was detected in both the flow-through fractions of SHGA affinity and the bound fractions of orange-A column by immunoblot analysis. In the purified samples, it was determined that all soluble GSTs constitute approximately less than 5% of the total soluble bovine liver protein. Also, the ratio of GST T1 to T2 was determined as 1:2 with a total concentration of 0.28% of the total cytosolic protein. In addition to other GSTs, these results revealed the active presence of GST T2 in bovine liver, which is important in reducing the risk for animal survival and for human that consume the edible tissues, milk and other dairy products where toxicants accumulated.
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B.S. Isgor, N. Coruh and M. Iscan, 2010. Soluble Glutathione S-Transferases in Bovine Liver: Existence of GST T2. Journal of Biological Sciences, 10: 667-675.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2010.667.675






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