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Information Technology Journal
  Year: 2014 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 12 | Page No.: 1977-1984
DOI: 10.3923/itj.2014.1977.1984
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Cover G for 3 and 4 G-A Stego Product

Rengarajan Amirtharajan, Imaculate Rosaline, Rengaraja Swamy, Sai Pavan, R. Sridevi and J.B.B. Rayappan

The use of information over internet and our dependence on the computing machines has drastically increased with the advancements in technology. As a result, the storage and transmission of the ever increasing volumes of data in an effective way has become a high priority issue. The very systems which are boon to us are also being misused by many to cause harm. Thus, security is a major issue as far as the information is concerned. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the parties involved in secret communication to arrange for the necessary security, preventing the sniffing by rogue entities. Advancement in digital communication technology along with internet makes data transfer easy and vulnerable to interception and modification by sneakers. Cryptography and steganography are ways of encrypting and hiding data. While Cryptography hides the essence of the data under a cover, like an encrypted text or periodic noises in a digital signal, steganography hides the fact of data itself. The information is more secure when both these techniques are used together. That is, even if the hidden information is found out, it will be encrypted. In this paper, it is proposed to explore the cover generation method. It uses information as data on covers like Image-cover, Circuit-cover Graph-cover, Chess-cover and Questionnaire etc and does not produce noise. Thus, noiseless steganography (noistega) is a fruitful option for data transmission in secured manner.
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  •    Hiding Data in Video File: An Overview
  •    Brownian Motion of Binary and Gray-Binary and Gray Bits in Image for Stego
  •    Random Image Steganography and Steganalysis: Present Status and Future Directions
  •    An Overview on Hiding Information Technique in Images
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Rengarajan Amirtharajan, Imaculate Rosaline, Rengaraja Swamy, Sai Pavan, R. Sridevi and J.B.B. Rayappan, 2014. Cover G for 3 and 4 G-A Stego Product. Information Technology Journal, 13: 1977-1984.

DOI: 10.3923/itj.2014.1977.1984






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