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International Journal of Cancer Research
  Year: 2012 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 27-36
DOI: 10.3923/ijcr.2012.27.36
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Evaluation of Anti Cancer Activity of Polyherbal Formulation

J.V. Savjiyani, H. Dave, S. Trivedi, M.A. Rachchh and R.H. Gokani

Cancer is multipathological disease that is being considered immortal in today’s global medicine world. Therefore, the present study was aimed to develop and evaluate polyherbal formulation for its anticancer activity. Four polyherbal formulations namely SJT ONC (1-4) were prepared by mixing of different proportion of extracts of stem bark of Tecomella undulata, Bauhinia variegata, Oroxylum indicum and leaves of Indigofera tinctoria. All the four formulations were evaluated for their cytotoxic effect using MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazolyl-2)-2, 5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay on cell lines of human colon adenocarcinoma (Caco-2) and human breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7). Amongst all four polyherbal formulations, SJT ONC-1 (1000 μg mL-1) showed significant cytotoxicity (p<0.001) on the Caco-2 (63.82%) and MCF-7 (74.18%) cell lines as compared to control. Further, SJT ONC-1 was evaluated for its apoptotic activity using cell death detection ELISA PLUS assay and it showed significant increase (p<0.01) in DNA fragmentation of Caco-2 (14.83 fold) and MCF-7 (3.22 fold) compared to control group. Moreover the antitumor activity of SJT ONC-1 (300 mg kg-1, p.o.) was evaluated against Dimethylbenz (a) anthracene induced mammary tumors in rats fed with high fat diet. The result suggested the ST ONC-1 significantly decrease the tumor volume and the effect was comparable to the standard drug 5-fluro uracil. Thus, the SJT ONC-1 could render prospective candidate for the therapy of cancer.
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How to cite this article:

J.V. Savjiyani, H. Dave, S. Trivedi, M.A. Rachchh and R.H. Gokani, 2012. Evaluation of Anti Cancer Activity of Polyherbal Formulation. International Journal of Cancer Research, 8: 27-36.

DOI: 10.3923/ijcr.2012.27.36






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