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Asian Journal of Scientific Research
  Year: 2012 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 25-30
DOI: 10.3923/ajsr.2012.25.30
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Study of Fetal Blood With Maternal Vaginal Bleeding

Shakuntala Chhabra, Preetinder Kaur, Chandan Tickoo and Prashant Zode

Present study was done to know the extent of fetal bleed in cases of maternal vaginal bleed in third trimester. Study subjects were one hundred primigravida as well as multigravida with singleton pregnancy, above 28 weeks, admitted with vaginal bleeding in third trimester of pregnancy. Twenty three of placenta previa, 42 placental abruption and 35 unclassified hemorrhage and investigated for presence of foetal blood in maternal vaginal bleeding. All three tests APT, Ogita and Kleihauer-Betke were performed, positive Kleihauer test was taken as positive for fetal bleed, irrespective whether other two tests were negative or positive. Fetal blood was present in 14% cases. Perinatal deaths in cases of fetal blood in vaginal bleeding were significantly higher than those without fetal blood in vaginal bleeding. Neonatal anemia was detected in 80% cases of placental abruption, 80% placenta previa and 66.6% of unclassified hemorrhage in cases fetal blood with compared to 13.5, 6.5 and 6.5% in cases with no fetal blood in vaginal bleeding. If fetal blood is present in vaginal bleed, chances of neonatal anemia, perinatal death and neonatal morbidity are more. All the cases of third trimester vaginal bleeding need to be investigated for fetal bleed in vaginal blood.
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Shakuntala Chhabra, Preetinder Kaur, Chandan Tickoo and Prashant Zode, 2012. Study of Fetal Blood With Maternal Vaginal Bleeding. Asian Journal of Scientific Research, 5: 25-30.

DOI: 10.3923/ajsr.2012.25.30






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