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Trends in Medical Research
  Year: 2014 | Volume: 9 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 33-43
DOI: 10.3923/tmr.2014.33.43
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Effect of Vitamin E Supplementation on Testicular Tissues of Mice Exposed to Sub-chronic Lead Intoxication

Amro Ali El-Tohami and Ehab Kamal Ali

Lead is considered the most common occupational and environmental toxicants and it has serious potential health hazards to humans. Investigation of toxic effects expressed on the somniferous tubules and possible protective effects produced by vitamin E supplementation. Thirty adult male albino rats weight 100-150 g were included in the study. Rats were equally divided into three groups: Group I: Control group: Included 10 rats. They were subdivided into two subgroups: Subgroup Ia: Negative control group. Subgroup Ib: Positive control group. Group II: the intoxicated group: included 10 rats that received lead acetate orally in a dose of 60 mg kg-1 b.w. dissolved in distilled water by gavage every other day for 6 weeks. Group III: included ten rats that received vitamin E, diluted in soya oil 150 mg kg-1 body weight by gavage every other day for 6 weeks, simultaneously with lead acetate in a similar dose to that of group II. At the end of study period, rats were sacrificed; blood samples were obtained for hormonal and blood lead levels evaluation; while testicular blocks were prepared for both histological and electron microscopy evolution. Lead intoxication was associated with decreased serum testosterone levels when compared to control groups, the effect that inhibited by vitamin E supplementation. Similar results were found for LH and FSH. In addition both histological and ultrastructural findings confirmed deleterious effects of lead toxicity and protective effects of vitamin E on semineferous tubules. Lead (Pb) caused degenerative changes in the seminiferous tubules of mice testis and caused cellular abnormalities in testosterone-producing cells. In addition, vitamin E can reduce the impact of Pb toxicity in the male genital organs.
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Amro Ali El-Tohami and Ehab Kamal Ali, 2014. Effect of Vitamin E Supplementation on Testicular Tissues of Mice Exposed to Sub-chronic Lead Intoxication. Trends in Medical Research, 9: 33-43.

DOI: 10.3923/tmr.2014.33.43






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