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Trends in Applied Sciences Research
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 309-344
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Review on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rotor Design and Optimization

N. Tenguria, N.D. Mittal and S. Ahmed

The utilization of wind energy is not a new technology but draws on the rediscovery of a long tradition of wind power technology. It is no longer possible now to tell from the remainders of historical wind power plants just how important a role wind power played in the past. In this study a comprehensive review of wind turbine is presented. The objective of this literature is to review available literature for blade design, wind turbine airfoils and rotor wakes, Aerodynamic behavior of wind turbine and fatigue design of wind turbine rotor. Review on optimization is also taken in this work. The article reviews the details of design and optimization aspect of rotor of horizontal axis wind turbines.
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  •    Modal Analysis for Blade of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
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N. Tenguria, N.D. Mittal and S. Ahmed, 2011. Review on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rotor Design and Optimization. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, 6: 309-344.


04 October, 2010
Prasad Rajapurkar:
The wind turbine rotor is a nice topic to choose. There is a lot of research going in GE, Bangalore.

The abstract is nice enough to get an idea of your work.
06 October, 2010
suresh rai:
It is very good paper with awesome work done on wind turbine.
This will give new foundation for future generation.
07 October, 2010
Shailendra Singh Bhadauria:
Author has made good efforts to touch almost all useful areas of research related to the topic. This paper is important for those who are beginners in this area.
07 October, 2010
Rajiv Varshney:
Certainly, a good work in the field of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rotor Design. Authors have done a thorogh review of the topic till date. In the scarcity and shooting prices of petroleum based fuel, wind poses a good option for fuel for the future.


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