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Trends in Applied Sciences Research
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 10 | Page No.: 1214-1221
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Tumor Lung Cancer Model for Assessing Anti-neoplastic Effect of PMF in Rodents: Histopathological Study

A. Ali, F. Khorshid, H. Abu-araki and A.M. Osman

This study aimed to elaborate an experimental model of pulmonary carcinogenesis in healthy mice and to ascertain the preventive efficacy of PMF when administered against experimental lung carcinogenesis. Male Swiss Albino mice lineage was carried through an intra-peritoneal injection of the Benzo[a] pyrene diluted in corn oil, a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon is widely known by its power of tumoral lung induction. Four experimental groups had been used with 20 animals in each: The first is control group (without infection or treatment); the second is carcinogenic group without treatment, the third is treated carcinogenic group, the fourth is positive control group received only treatment, submitted to euthanasia 08, 16, 24 weeks after the experimental procedure. After 08 weeks, the presence of diffuse inflammatory alterations was observed in carcinogenic- non treated group with thickness of the alveolar wall after the inflammation, however, at analysis of the pulmonary tissue of the treated carcinogenic group it had been observed hyperplasic alterations (BALT hyperplasia) but in positive control group thickness of the alveolar wall was noticed. With more time, after 16, 24 weeks administration of PMF histopathological changes became lesser in the treated carcinogenic group as compared to animals treated with the B[a]P only. In conclusion, the main secondary alterations in the intra-pulmonary instillation of B[a]P of mice were: cellular proliferation, inflammatory alterations of several degrees. PMF treatment has a slightly protective effect to lung tissue along short time but with more time it improved the structure of the lung in carcinogenic treated group.
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A. Ali, F. Khorshid, H. Abu-araki and A.M. Osman, 2011. Tumor Lung Cancer Model for Assessing Anti-neoplastic Effect of PMF in Rodents: Histopathological Study. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, 6: 1214-1221.




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