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Trends in Applied Sciences Research
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 146-151
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Symmetric Crypto-Graphical Model

Fawaz Alsaade

Financial institutions play an important role in the development of a country. There are numerous ways to perform banking transactions. The main objective of this study is to fill the gap between electronic banking and conventional banking. The study presented a modular approach between electronic banking system and conventional banking system along with a flow chart. Normally in banking, user’s authenticity is based on the verification of customer’s signature, therefore, this study highlighted the solution of signature verification having different background, the issues regarding banking transactions and provided appropriate solutions for electronic banking system. However, in today’s banking, cheques play a vital role but for electronic banking digital currency is needed. Overall, the solution and implementation of electronic money with conventional cheques is discussed in detail. Furthermore, the study tried to focus on the security of any image using symmetric key encryption.
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  •    Two-layer Cellular Automata Based Cryptography
  •    A Fast and Power Efficient Updating Algorithm for Partitioned TCAMs
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Fawaz Alsaade , 2010. Symmetric Crypto-Graphical Model. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, 5: 146-151.




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