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Research Journal of Seed Science
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 199-205
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Seed Germination Enhancement in High Altitude Medicinal Plants of Garhwal Himalaya by Some Pre-sowing Treatments

Vinay Prakash, Hemlata Bisht and M.C. Nautiyal

High value and threatened medicinal plants of Western Himalaya needs attention for conservation. Three medicinal plants were studied to find out the technique for enhancement of germination. Seeds were collected to observe the germination potential of the selected plant species. Seeds of P. rumicifolium were excised and treated with phytohormone (GA) while the seeds of both the Polygonatum species were kept at low temperature and then treated with Gibberellic Acid. In P. rumicifolium, GA3 (100 ppm) treated excised and intact seeds showed 85 and 50% germination, respectively at 25±1°C under alternate light conditions. P. cirrhifolium showed 70% germination in seeds without any treatment and 80% in seeds treated with GA100 ppm at 25±1°C while seeds of P. verticillatum required low temperature (-20°C) along with GA 100 ppm treatments for germination and showed 60% germination after the same. In both the species of Polygonatum, seed germination was followed by thickening of radicle which was an interesting phenomenon. Single leaf like structure emerged from this swollen portion after prolonged time in the subsequent growing season. The study revealed that the Scarification, GA and chilling treatments enhanced the germination of experimental highly valuable medicinal plants of Garhwal Himalaya.
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Vinay Prakash, Hemlata Bisht and M.C. Nautiyal, 2011. Seed Germination Enhancement in High Altitude Medicinal Plants of Garhwal Himalaya by Some Pre-sowing Treatments. Research Journal of Seed Science, 4: 199-205.




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