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Research Journal of Phytochemistry
  Year: 2021 | Volume: 15 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 41-50
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Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Analysis of Stems of Vitex pinnata Linn.

S. Thenmozhi, Tarafaud Tahir and Subasini Uthirapathy

Background and Objective: Vitex pinnata Linn. (Syn: Vitex pubescens Vahl.) is a moderately sized tree of tropical Asia. Vitex pinnata is a tree with trifoliate leaves, grey to brown bark. The leaves and stems are potential as an antioxidant, because of flavonoids, alkaloids and terpenoids constituents. The present study aimed to establish the pharmacognostic features of leaf, stem and powdered stem material and quality parameters including physicochemical evaluation. Materials and Methods: The leave and stems were investigated, which comprised macroscopic and microscopic assessment, phytochemical screening and physicochemical characterization of the stems, besides the microscopic analysis of the powder. All photographs of different magnifications were taken using a digital camera attached to the Nikon Labphot 2 Microscopic Unit. Results: The microscopical studies of stem and powders of Vitex pinnata revealed the presence of cortex, periderm, sclerenchyma, secondary phloem, vessels, xylem fibres, xylem rays, collapsed phloem cells, phellem, sclereids, phloem ray, sieve element, starch grains, prismatic calcium oxalate crystals and vessel elements, etc. Phytochemical screening revealed the presence of flavonoids, saponins, triterpenes and steroids in the crude extract. The values of the physicochemical parameters such as loss on drying 4.12%, foreign organic matter 5.60%, total Ash 09.43%, acid insoluble ash 2.34%, water-soluble Ash 3.04%, sulphated ash 3.20%, alcohol soluble extractives 15.6% and water-soluble extractives 16.8%, respectively. Conclusion: The information obtained with botanical, physicochemical and phytochemical studies could be used to identify Vitex pinnata and to certify the authenticity of commercial samples to effectively contribute to quality control of that vegetable raw material.
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S. Thenmozhi, Tarafaud Tahir and Subasini Uthirapathy, 2021. Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Analysis of Stems of Vitex pinnata Linn.. Research Journal of Phytochemistry, 15: 41-50.




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