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Research Journal of Phytochemistry
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 107-114
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Comparative Phytochemical Screening of Jatropha L. Species in the Niger Delta

Nwokocha, A. Blessing, I.O. Agbagwa and B.E. Okoli

Phytochemical studies were carried out on the leaf, stem, root and seed of four Jatropha L. species (J. curcas L., J. gossypifolia L., J. multifida L. and J. podagrica Hook) found in some parts of the Niger Delta, with a view to ascertain the inclusion of these morphologically distinct species into a genus. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of five secondary metabolites (alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids and phenols) were undertaken. The result showed that all secondary metabolites analyzed were present in all tissues studied but at different concentrations. The concentration of tannins in the leaves of the species in descending order was observed to be 7.43% for J. curcas, 6.79% for J. podagrica, 5.16% for J. multifida and 5.14% for J. gossypifolia. Concentration of saponins in the leaf and seed of the species were: J. curcas (4.89, 2.33%); J. gossypifolia (4.15, 2.37%); J. multifida (3.15, 2.44%); J. podagrica (3.15, 2.44%). Saponin concentration in the leaf and seed of J. multifida and J. podagrica was observed to be the same suggesting close affinity. Generally, tannins were the most abundant in plant parts, followed by saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and then phenols. Results obtained confirm the relatedness of these species and spotlight these important phytochemicals in the species. However, variations observed in their concentrations confer individuality on the species.
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Nwokocha, A. Blessing, I.O. Agbagwa and B.E. Okoli, 2011. Comparative Phytochemical Screening of Jatropha L. Species in the Niger Delta. Research Journal of Phytochemistry, 5: 107-114.





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