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Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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Fatality Cases Congenital Anomaly in Trisomy-Isochromosome: A Case Report

Adhi Pribadi , Jonas Nara Baringbing and Indra Magda Tiara

Severe congenital anomaly was a problem in the field of fetal medicine and there was always controversy in the subsequent management. Some countries have standard rules regarding the management of congenital abnormalities but in Indonesia when congenital abnormalities are found to be often controversial to determine the termination of pregnancy. Termination of pregnancy survival fetus was often a dilemma but in some cases with an intrauterine fetal death prognosis or lethal soon after birth. Currently in Indonesia a justifiable reason for terminate of pregnancy only case of life threatening or emergency in the mother or fetus. Clinicians may only be able to give advice and consideration to the couple from a medical standpoint but the social and religious sociocultural factors in some nations or adherents of the faith in the world have views that are not in line with their beliefs about the termination of a living fetus. In this article 3 cases were explained with a poor prognosis of intrauterine death or shortly after delivery, i.e., cases of edward syndrome, isochromosome 18 and tumors on the face covering the mouth and nose.
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