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Research Journal of Medicinal Plants
  Year: 2009 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 134-140
DOI: 10.3923/rjmp.2009.134.140
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Biological Activity of Merremia emarginata Crude Extracts in Different Solvents
A.V. Babu, R.S.C. Rao, K.G. Kumar, B.H. Babu and P.V.V. Satyanarayana

The plant Merremia emarginata (Burm. f.) Hallier f., belongs to Convolvulaceae family. In traditional medicinal system, different parts of M. emarginata have been mentioned to be therapeutically used as deobstruent, diuretic, for cough, headache, neuralgia and rheumatism. In the present study, biological activities of different solvent extracts isolated from M. emarginata were tested. Hexane (IA), ethyl acetate (IB), methanol (IC) and aqueous methanol (25%) (ID) extracts of M. emarginata were examined. Antioxidant properties of the extracts were studied by DPPH (1,1-Diphenyl-2-Picrylhydrozyl) radical scavenging activity method and superoxide radical scavenging activity method. Methanol extract exhibited better antioxidant activity than other extracts with IC50 of 8.59 μg mL-1 in DPPH radical scavenging method. Methanol and hexane extracts exhibited α-amylase inhibitory activity with IC50 of 104.5 and 133.4 μg mL-1, respectively. Ethyl acetate extract showed cytotoxicity with ED50 of 34.29 μg mL-1 in brine shrimp lethality assay. The present study revealed that the extracts IB and IC of M. emarginata were found to be showed promising biological activities. Methanol extract of this plant might be use full for antioxidant and antiobesity activities with minimal toxicity.
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How to cite this article:

A.V. Babu, R.S.C. Rao, K.G. Kumar, B.H. Babu and P.V.V. Satyanarayana, 2009. Biological Activity of Merremia emarginata Crude Extracts in Different Solvents. Research Journal of Medicinal Plants, 3: 134-140.

DOI: 10.3923/rjmp.2009.134.140


28 December, 2009
bhushan bhadan:
give me all information about this plant. (m. emarginata)
and which activity is perform on this plant till.
04 January, 2010
hari babu bollikolla:

Taxa and characterstics of family: The plant belongs to Merremia genus and which belongs to convolvulaceae family. This is also called as Morning-Glory family. It has 55 genus and 1650 species93. The taxa of this family is as fallows ( *Kingdom : Plants (plantae) *Division : Flowering plants (Magnoliophyta) *Class : Dicotyledons/Dicots (Magnoliopsida) *Order : Solanales – Waterleaf Morning-Glory. *Family : Convolvulaceae family. Woodrose (Merremia) Genus:7-sublevels. Synonyms: Merremia emarginata: (Burm.f.) Hallier f., in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16:552. 1893. Convolvulus reniformis Roxburgh; Evolvulus emarginatus (N.L.Burman,Fl.Indica 77.1768); Ipomoea reniformis (Roxburgh) Choisy; Merremia gangetica(L.)Cuf; Convolvulus gangeticus L., etc. The other vernacular Names: Bengali : Bhuikamri; Indurkani Tamil : Elikathu Keerai Hindi : Musaakaani Sanskrit : Akhukarni, Mooshikakarnee Marati : Undirkaani Telugu : Elika-Jemudu Synonyms : Aakhuparnee, Undurukarnee Ayurvedic description Rosa : Katu, tikta, kashaaya Guna : Laghu, rooksha Veerya : Ushna Vipaka : Katu Therapeutic uses: The Merremia emarginata whole plant decoction used96 in olden days for various ailments like Krimighna, kaphaghna, mootra rogahara, kushthara and also useful for headache neuralgia and rheumatism; leaves powder used as snuff during epileptic seizures; juice act as purgative, given internally for headache and migraine; as an ear drop in cases of abscess: root and powdered leaves mixed with flour and water applied externally to swellings by Ayurvedic physicians. Pharmacological studies: The alcoholic extract of M.emarginata (whole plant) showed a general depressant action in rats, a reversible inhibitory effect on the heart of frog and rabbit and constriction of the coronary vessels of rabbit heart. The extract also had spasmolytic action on guinea pig ileum and hypertensive effect not influenced by atropine sulphate in cats. The alcoholic extract had no effect on rat uterus or frog rectus abdominis muscle. The effect of the extra appeared to be more musculotropic than neurotropic. The effect of the aqueous extract however was lower than that of the alcoholic extract.

07 January, 2010
bhushan s. bhadan:
Thank you very much!
for providing information about this plant.

means Only 2-3 activity perform on this plant like:
antioxidant and antiobesity activities
spasmolytic action
general depressant action

Antimigraine activity is not perform?
Please give detail.
Also give pharmacognostic study of this plant.
08 January, 2010
hari babu bollikolla:

total activities for different extracts studied by us: 1.antioxidant 2. antiobesity 3. cytotoxicity 4. antiinflammatory 5. brineshrimp lethality activity. now we are also doing chemical work on this plant for pure compounds. thank you. b.h.babu

05 March, 2010
bhushan bhadan:
please give chemical information of the plant.
07 March, 2010

dear sir, the chemical work i.e. Isolation of the compounds from the plant was going on. after the completion of the work. i will send the data. thank your interest on my paper. thankning you. with best regards, b.h.babu,

05 April, 2010
bhushan s. bhadan:
dear sir please give me all paper i.e activity perform on this plant and LD50 0f plant.
I am waiting for your rply.
08 June, 2011
mukesh patel:
sir ur work is too good...and i want to know about its phytochemical investigation, so plz help me and reply soon.
01 August, 2011
vasu abau.Ala:

Sir Thanks For you r interest on my paper . the phyto chemical work is under investigation. we will inform you after completion of our work. with best regards.

08 January, 2012
swetha madugula:
sir ur work is good and i need some informatation about activities perform on this plant






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