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Research Journal of Forestry
  Year: 2015 | Volume: 9 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 87-92
DOI: 10.17311/rjf.2015.87.92
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Assessment of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) Fruit Damage Due to Insect Pests in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

J.A. Ugwu and V.C. Umeh

Damage of fruits by insect pests is one of the major problems faced by fruit sellers in many parts of the country. African star apple Chrysophyllum albidum G.Don. is one of the indigenous fruits that are highly damaged by insect pests during the fruiting season and in storage. A survey of markets and environs were carried out in Ibadan metropolis during the fruiting seasons for two years to determine the associated insect pests and the extent of damage done to C. albidum. Samples of ripe fruits were randomly collected from seven markets and homestead trees at different locations in Ibadan metropolis. Samples were examined in the laboratory at the Federal College of Forestry for damage and the causative agents were identified. Collections made periodically from green fruits to ripening in orchard at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria showed that infestation of unripe fruits was by scale insects Coccus hesperidum L. while the ripe fruits were mainly attacked by fruit flies (Drosphillla spp. and Cerattis capitata Weid). Infestations were most severe in the market samples than the homestead tree samples. Severity of infestation ranged between 10-35% of the sampled fruits during the periods of the study. There were no significant differences (p>0.05) in the number of fruit fly species collected from different markets or from trees in the sampled locations. There were positive and negative correlations between the ripeness of fruits and attack by fruit flies and scale insects respectively.
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How to cite this article:

J.A. Ugwu and V.C. Umeh, 2015. Assessment of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) Fruit Damage Due to Insect Pests in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria. Research Journal of Forestry, 9: 87-92.

DOI: 10.17311/rjf.2015.87.92






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