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Research Journal of Forestry
  Year: 2007 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 80-85
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Preliminary Report on Utilization Potential of Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steud for Timber

Oluwadare A. Oluwafemi and Somorin O. Adegbenga

Declining availability of the prime economic species in timber market has led to the introduction of Lesser-Used-Species (LUS). Their acceptability demands information on their wood technical properties. This study investigates wood properties of Gliricidia sepium to determine its potential for timber in Nigeria. Test specimens obtained from three trees at breast height were prepared according to BS 373 standard and Poku et al. (2001). Hatt-Turner impact machine and Hounsfield Tensometer were used to determine mechanical properties. Mean Moisture Content (MC) of 8.62% was insignificantly lower in the wood nearest the pith. Wood Basic Density (WBD) was significantly (p<0.05) heavier (1062.7 kg m-3) nearest the pith than nearest the bark (987.8 kg m-3) with a mean of 1025.3 kg m-3. Tangential (TS) and Volumetric Shrinkage (VS) were significantly higher in the wood nearest the bark with mean of 4.3 and 6.9%, respectively. Mean impact bending was 0.65 m with no significant difference between the wood samples. Modulus Of Rupture (MOR) and elasticity (MOE) were significantly higher (153.8, 7678.1 N mm-2) nearest the pith than 85.8 and 5580.21 N mm-2 for wood nearest the bark, respectively. Significant correlation exists between MC vs WBD, r = -0.82; RS vs TS, r = 0.91 and VS, r = 0.97; TS vs VS, r = 0.97; IB vs MOR/MOE, r = -0.83 and MOR, r = 0.89; MOR vs MOR/MOE, r = 0.90; MOR/MOE vs RS, r = -0.91 and MOR/MOE vs VS, r = -0.86. G. sepium has potential to be a major LUS timber and could substitute some economic species in Nigeria’s timber market.
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Oluwadare A. Oluwafemi and Somorin O. Adegbenga, 2007. Preliminary Report on Utilization Potential of Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steud for Timber. Research Journal of Forestry, 1: 80-85.




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