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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
  Year: 2004 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 285-289
DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2004.285.289
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The Possibilities of Using High Oil-Sunflower Meal and Enzyme Mixture in Layer Diets
N. Senkoylu , H. Akyurek and H.E. Samli

Two experiments were conducted using commercial layers to test the nutritive value of high oil-sunflower meal (HO-SFM) and the efficiency of an enzyme preparation with xylanase, beta-glucanase and pectinase activities (Grindazym GP 5000, Danisco Ingredients, Denmark). In the 1st trial, 256 White Hy-Line layers of 37 wk of age were placed in California type cages. Dietary treatments consisted of 0%, 15%, 20% FE-SFM and 20% FE-SFM+Grindazym GP 5000 (1 g/kg feed) at the expense of full fat soybean and soybean meal. Diets were randomly assigned to each of 4 replicates (4 consecutive cages of 4 layers in each) so as to give each diet to 64 birds according to a completely randomized design. Diets and water were provided to layers ad libitum. Egg production (EP) was recorded daily, and egg weight (EW) and feed intake (FI) on a biweekly base. The second trial was carried out on a commercial layer farm and dietary treatments the same as in the 1st trial were fed to 1477, 1477, 1458 and 1482 layers respectively. Each of the dietary treatments was allocated to 3 replicates comprised of the three tiers of a side of an apartment type cage. Egg production was recorded daily and EW on a biweekly base while the FI could be determined only at the end of the experiment. Both the trials lasted for 8 wk. In the 1st trial EP was 83.8, 77.7, 77.4, and 81.7% and FCR values was 2.181, 2.233, 2.242 and 2.156, respectively. There were no significant differences (P> 0.05) among the treatments. In the 2nd trial all levels of FE-SFM including the enzyme added group significantly (P< 0.0001) decreased EP (97.12, 95.72, 95.57, and 95.39% respectively). There was no significant difference in EW (60.4, 60.3, 60.8 and 61.1 Feed intake respectively was 113, 113.2, 114.2, and 112.3 g/day. However, Grindazym GP 5000 supplementation significantly improved feed efficiency (P< 0.01) compared to non-enzyme added groups (1.930, 1.962, 1.966 and 1.927), suggesting improvement in nutrient utilization in HO-SFM based diets. The results of these experiments suggest that HO-SFM could be included at 20% to replace full fat soybean. In addition, Grindazym GP 5000 improved feed efficiency and lowered feed cost per kg of egg mass in HO-SFM based commercial layer diets.
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How to cite this article:

N. Senkoylu , H. Akyurek and H.E. Samli , 2004. The Possibilities of Using High Oil-Sunflower Meal and Enzyme Mixture in Layer Diets . Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 3: 285-289.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2004.285.289








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