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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
  Year: 1999 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 1224-1230
DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.1999.1224.1230
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Surveys and Studies on Tranditional Pig Raising in Guangxi

Huang Minrui, Lai Zhiqing, Huang Minsheng, Lu Weihe and Liao Chifeng Guangxi

Main studies were conducted on tranditonal pig raising( TPR) fed with local feeds effected on reproductivities of sows and productivities of fattening hogs with the motheds of on-the -spot surveys, tests and consulting literatures for backgrounds of agriculture, livestock industry, feed resources and present situations of pig production. Through surveyed on reproductivities of 320 sows and on liveweight gains and feed consumed of 3109 hogs sold, it was shown that on an average, a live litter size of a sow was 10.57 heads with initial weight of 8.45 kg/litter when born and was 9.83 heads with the weight of 110.8 kg /litter when weaned at 57.50 days old. Delivery interval was 180-205 days. Duration of reproduction of the sows was 5-8 years. With TPR, it could save 20-30 percent concentrate stuff but time for slaughtering of hogs was extended to 2-5 months; it could save 50-60 percent concentrate with the sows. By tested on 41 fattening hogs, the experiment groups basically lived on green forages with a diet containing 12.15-18.05 percent crude fiber (CF) per kg dry matter (DM) gained 495 g/head per day and 1.79 kg concentrate,1.41 kg roughage and 11.95 kg green forages should be consumed to gain one kg liveweight, which had 10.84 Mcal digestable energy (DE) and 480 g crude protein (CP). On the basis of the investigation, the advantages and disadvantages of TPR were pointed out and some opions and suggestions on the improvement of TPR were put forward.
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Huang Minrui, Lai Zhiqing, Huang Minsheng, Lu Weihe and Liao Chifeng Guangxi, 1999. Surveys and Studies on Tranditional Pig Raising in Guangxi. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 1224-1230.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.1999.1224.1230






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