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Journal of Plant Sciences
  Year: 2007 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 25-34
DOI: 10.3923/jps.2007.25.34
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Suppression of Imperata cylindrica (Speargrass) and Changes in Weed Flora in Yam and Cassava Fields

G.K.S. Aflakpui and Grace E-K. Bolfrey-Arku

Experiments were conducted on farmers` fields in the forest-savannah transition zone of Ghana to assess the effectiveness of glyphosate, land preparation and mucuna alone or in combination to smother speargrass. The aim was to reclaim lands that have been abandoned because of speargrass to produce yam and cassava. A randomized complete block design with three treatments in one experiment and four treatments in another was used. The density of speargrass on the plots that were ploughed before mucuna was planted were 0.6-0.7, 0.3-0.4 and 0.2% that of the fallow plot at 3 Months After Treatment (MAT). The density of speargrass at 6 MAT was 0.35% that of the fallow plots when glyphosate was sprayed before planting mucuna. When glyphosate alone was sprayed, the density at 6 MAT had increased from 2 to 13% that of fallow whilst mucuna planted on hoed plots resulted in a reduced density from 54 to 22% of that of the fallow plot. Thus hoeing plots before planting mucuna enhanced the effectiveness of mucuna to smother speargrass. However, mucuna could not smother speargrass on plots which were slashed before planting. When the initial population of speargrass was controlled with glyphosate, mucuna effectively smothered the regrowth of speargrass and associated weeds. The most dominant weed that could not be smothered by mucuna or killed by glyphosate are Commelina sp. The results show that lands that have been abandoned because of speargrass can be reclaimed in about seven months by planting mucuna on such fields with an initial cultivation or by spraying with glyphosate followed by mucuna.
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G.K.S. Aflakpui and Grace E-K. Bolfrey-Arku, 2007. Suppression of Imperata cylindrica (Speargrass) and Changes in Weed Flora in Yam and Cassava Fields. Journal of Plant Sciences, 2: 25-34.

DOI: 10.3923/jps.2007.25.34






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