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Research Journal of Microbiology
  Year: 2018 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 138-146
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In vitro Antiviral Activities of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Odaa opuo) and Viscum album (Awuruse)

Robert Kelechi Obi and Juliet Adamma Shenge

Background and Objective: Despite tremendous progress in human medicine, no drugs exist for the complete treatment of viral diseases. This study was designed to investigate the antiviral potentials of two medicinal plants available locally in Lagos, South Western, Nigeria. Materials and Methods: Fresh leaves of Bryophyllum pinnatum (L.) and Viscum album (L.) were collected from Owerri and its environs. They were air-dried for seven days and extraction was done with methanol using the Soxhlet extractor. Concentration of the samples was done using the rotary evaporator. Measles (MV), polio PV and yellow fever (YFV) viruses were isolated from their respective vaccines, while herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) was isolated from a positive HSV-1 male case. Results: The toxicity profile showed that the maximum non-toxic concentration (MNTC) of B. pinnatum (L.) was 0.016 μg μL1 with an IC50 of 0.063 μg μL1 while that of V. album (L.) was 0.063 μg μL1 and IC50 of 0.313 μg μL1 . Result of the antiviral analysis showed that two of the viruses were susceptible to B. pinnatum (L.) and V. album (L.). While HSV-1 was sensitive to B. pinnatum (L.) at the concentrations of 0.016 μg μL1 (IC50 0.004 μg μL1), MV was susceptible to V. album (L.) at 0.063 μg μL1 (IC50 0.031 μg μL1 ) and 0.031 μg μL1 (IC50 0.039 μg μL1 ). The PV and YFV were resistant to both plants extracts at the concentration same concentrations of 0.016 μg μL1. Result of the phytochemical analysis of both plants showed the presence of various secondary useful metabolites. Conclusion: This study has shown that the solution to the world-wide menace of MV and HSV-1 viral diseases could be found in the forest zones of Nigeria.
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Robert Kelechi Obi and Juliet Adamma Shenge, 2018. In vitro Antiviral Activities of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Odaa opuo) and Viscum album (Awuruse). Research Journal of Microbiology, 13: 138-146.




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