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Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 22-36
DOI: 10.3923/jfas.2011.22.36
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A Review of Using Canola/Rapeseed Meal in Aquaculture Feeding

H.R. Enami

Recently, an increasing cost of fishmeal due to decreased marine supplies and increased demand from various other sectors of the feed industry has resulted on the ongoing search for alternative protein sources for aquaculture feeds. To date, the majority of research on fishmeal replacement with alternative proteins in fish diets has focused on the use of protein derived from plant sources. Plant protein ingredients are of lower nutritional value than fish meal and contain secondary compounds which reduce their value in aquafeeds. Canola/rapeseed meal is evaluated with respect to its chemical composition and impact on the animals' performance. Canola/rapeseed meal has relatively higher protein content than the other oilseed meals, except soybean meal. The main limitative factors for using this meal are antinutritional ingredients such as glucosinolates (GLs), phenolic compounds (tannins and sinapine), phytate and fibre. Nutritional value of canola/rapeseed meal varies depend on oil extraction method and process. Many researches have been conducted to enhance nutritional value of the meal. It has been shown that the meal can improve the performance of the aquatic animals. Also, use of canola/rapeseed meal has no significant adverse or negative effect on the weight, size, carcass quality, odor, taste or the other physiological features of the animals. In recent years, cultivation of canola/rapeseed and use of its meal by different aquaculture farms has shown a progressive trend in Iran, as well as the other countries. So, this review presents recent findings on use of canola/rapeseed meal in the diets offered to fish and shrimp.
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  •    Use of Kikuyu Grass as a Fishmeal Substitute in Practical Diets for Tilapia rendalli
  •    The Effect of Different Plant Diets on the Growth Performance, Gastric Evacuation Rate and Carcass Composition of Tilapia rendalli
  •    Evaluation of Adding Canola Meal to Diet on Growth Performance of Male Wistar Rats
  •    The Effects of Using the Multi Carbohydrase Preparation in Diets Containing Canola Meal on Performance of Broiler Chickens
  •    Effect of Substitution of Soybean Meal With Sunflower and Canola Meal on Dressing Quality of Broilers
How to cite this article:

H.R. Enami , 2011. A Review of Using Canola/Rapeseed Meal in Aquaculture Feeding. Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 6: 22-36.

DOI: 10.3923/jfas.2011.22.36






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