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Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 234-249
DOI: 10.3923/jest.2011.234.249
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Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil, Water and Fodder and their Presence in Livestock and Products : A Review

V. Rajaganapathy, F. Xavier, D. Sreekumar and P.K. Mandal

Environmental pollution is a global problem for man and animals. Pollutants from industrial waste enter into the livestock production systems and then into food chain. In most developing countries it is often attributed to industrialization with improper waste disposal. In developed countries impact of pollution on domestic and wild animals due to chemical toxicities are reported. Pollution is a serious problem in India, threatening the animal and human health. Heavy metal pollution is becoming a serious health concern in recent years. High levels of heavy metals in soil, water and animals have been reported in different parts of India due to pollution. Heavy metals from industrial waste contaminate drinking water, soil, fodder and food. The toxic heavy metals like Cd, Pb and Hg affect biological functions, affecting hormone system and growth. Many heavy metals accumulate in one or more of the body organs in food animals and are transmitted through food causing serious public health hazard. These toxicants are accumulated in the vital organs including liver and kidney and exert adverse effects on domestic animals. Many surveys involving human population in industrial, mining and urban areas have indicated toxicities due to effluents. Pesticides, heavy metals and other agro-chemicals are some of the major causes of environmental toxicity in farm animals. The impacts of pollution on animals result in serious economic losses. In this review we have tried to concise the information available in literature about the heavy metal pollution in soil, water, fodder and its consequences in livestock (blood, dung) and their presence in livestock products (milk, meat, egg).
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  •    Histopathology and Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals (Cr, Ni and Pb) in Fish (Channa striatus and Heteropneustes fossilis) Tissue: A Study for Toxicity and Ecological Impacts
  •    Detection of Zinc, Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic in Dabbling Ducks from Durango, Mexico
  •    Contamination of Coastal Sediments in El-Hamrawein Harbour, Red Sea, Egypt
  •    Non Occupational Health Risk Assessment from Exposure to Chemical Contaminants in the Gold Mining Environment of Tarkwa, Ghana
  •    Toxic Elements in Animal Products and Environmental Health
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V. Rajaganapathy, F. Xavier, D. Sreekumar and P.K. Mandal, 2011. Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil, Water and Fodder and their Presence in Livestock and Products : A Review. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 4: 234-249.

DOI: 10.3923/jest.2011.234.249


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